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Business Leadership & Culture 

 It’s a family affair- Real Therapy in collaboration with “Humming Bird” John Charlesworth who provides his experience (over 30 years) working with businesses, assessing and cultivating team building, work-place culture whilst also running workshops for large New Zealand companies. The mixture of our expertise provides a business package that is bullet proof.


1:1 Therapy/coaching for Employees

Providing support online or in person managing the following areas; Anxiety, Depression, Stress, Burn-out, Relationships, teaching communication skills, and  managing confrontation.

Cost: $207 (60 min consult)

Staff Meeting

Business consulting 

Allow us to assess your workplace culture externally. This is often the only way of understanding your work place culture and thus often a starting point to impact workplace well-being. Once areas are highlighted you may choose to use our team for a tailored workshop or consulting sessions.

Cost: $2000 per day- cost is tailored to client needs.

Beach Fench

Workshops- combo package

Well-being and workplace culture-combo! Join our team for an intensive half day workshop at Awa Tides (40minutes outside of Auckland CBD) *location may vary*. Maximum 10 people to insure participants receive high quality guidance and support. Cost: $3,000 (price may vary)

Kerry Charlesworth 

Registered Psychologist with New Zealand Psychologist Board, working with individuals, couples, groups and organisations supporting mental health and well-being. Kerry brings her Psychology skills and expertise to combat workplace distress and individual’s mental health, resilience and upskilling. Successful owner of Real Therapy- Kerry understands business and has worked alongside Hummingbird assessing work-place culture. Kerry brings a fresh and modern approach to this work, and has a reputation for offering a safe space to talk.

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International and New Zealand experience in leadership development and culture change, combined with extensive generalist HR skills. Hummingbird Limited, a consultancy aimed at helping organisations develop their culture, their leaders and teams. John's experience includes helping create a vibrant and highly successful culture at Air New Zealand over an eleven year period as a senior leader. Internationally, John has consulted for Quest Worldwide in UK, Europe and USA on large-scale culture change and performance improvement to companies such as Goodrich Aeronautical, TRW Automotive and Iceland Foods.

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